Top 10 Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants In La Paz

best vegetarian restaurant in la paz bolivia

It’s no secret that Bolivians love their meat. Fortunately, vegetarians in La Paz needn’t go hungry as there are a number of great restaurants to choose from, offering both traditional and upscale meat-free cuisine.

Here we have narrowed down the best places in La Paz to enjoy a vegetarian meal:

Namas Té

Rated #1 on Tripadvisor and located only a few blocks from Plaza San Pedro, Namas Té is a wonderful vegetarian/vegan restaurant serving both Western and Bolivian dishes at incredibly affordable prices.

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Tambo Colonial

Located on the second floor of Hotel Rosario, this beautifully decorated restaurant is the place to go for a night of exquisite food, impeccable service, and romantic ambiance.

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Red Monkey

Tucked away in the La Barqueta section of Achumani, Red Monkey is a sustainable and health conscious restaurant serving up 100% vegan cuisine.

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Tierra Sana

A great alternative to the meat based meals throughout Bolivia, Tierra Sana provides a healthy, vegetarian approach to multicultural cuisine.

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Natur Center

Diners at Natur Center can enjoy a salad, soup, vegetarian/vegan main course and dessert all for the unbeatable price of 16 Bs ($2 US). The set menus here changes daily and food is generally based on Andean-Indigenous cuisine.

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Cafe del Mundo

Cafe del Mundo is Swedish owned, three story cafe located on the famous touristic street, Calle Sagarnaga. Small but lively, this is the perfect place to meet other travelers over a delicious and satisfying breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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Manna Ser Sano

Manna is a delivery service catering to both hungry home-dwellers and office workers craving tasty and healthy vegetarian fare.

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La Mia Pizza

Tasty, meat-free pizzas can be hard to come by in western countries let alone developing ones. Vegetarians will be pleased to know that this hole-in-the-wall restaurant offers up a range of tasty and cheese-free vegetarian pizzas for as little as 15 Bs ($2 US).

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Tomatecafé Cafeteria Vegetariana

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Tomatecafé is a welcoming cafe located in the heart of La Paz.

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Paceña La Salteña

A must-do when in La Paz is sampling one of Bolivia’s most satisfying lunch-time snacks; the salteña. Paceña La Salteña makes a fantastic vegetarian version of the traditionally meat-based treat, using a base of mushroom, zucchini, carrot and broccoli, seasoned with a combination of herbs and spices.

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Let's Discuss...

  1. Ellie Quinn says:

    This post has made me very happy! I’m travelling South America at the start of next year and plan to spend a fair amount of time in Bolivia so having at least 10 veggie restaurants in La Paz is very good! I can imagine I will struggle in so,e counties though! What do you think?

    • brigid says:

      Great to hear you’re traveling to South America Ellie, you’re going to have the most wonderful time! I’m vegetarian and traveled through Latin America for two years without any problems. In most cities and large towns you can generally find meat-free dishes without too much hassle, however the smaller villages can be a little more challenging. I found if I just stated I didn’t eat any kind of meat, the chefs were usually kind enough to make a meat-free version of one of their dishes or whipped up a nice salad for me. If you’re heading to Sucre in Bolivia we have also put together a post on the best vegetarian-friendly restaurants in the city:

  2. Andy says:

    Wow, so many more than when I was there, back in ’99 (unsurprisingly). Great to see!

    • brigid says:

      Haha, I’m sure it was a very different story traveling and being vego back in ’99! In all my travels through Latin America I’ve been really impressed with the amount of vegetarian restaurant options available…hasn’t been just rice and beans for me 🙂

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