Namas Té

Namas Té

Rated #1 on Tripadvisor and located only a few blocks from Plaza San Pedro, Namas Té is a wonderful vegetarian/vegan restaurant serving both Western and Bolivian dishes at incredibly affordable prices.

Each day, starting at noon, there is a set lunch menu “almuerzo” which includes four courses at a cost of 23 Bs as well as an a la carte menu. Some of the fresh and delicious meals on offer include black bean and sweet potato burritos, quinoa tabouleh, soy burgers, vegetable soup, Chinese salad, pear and fig compote, banana pancakes, vegan empanadas and a traditional Bolivian soup called chairo.

Diners can also choose from a selection of imported teas (there’s the option of soy milk), freshly squeezed juices and a variety of afternoon sweets to complement their meal.

From the friendly service to the enchanting outdoor garden, colorful artwork, eclectic music and fast WiFi, Namas Té is the perfect place for hungry diners to enjoy a long lunch without breaking the budget.

Price: 23Bs ($3 US) for a four course set lunch

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