Colombia Hop: Hopping Around South America

Travelers who have already experienced Hop on, hop off buses will be thrilled to hear about the newest member of the family: Colombia Hop. Colombia Hop is brought to you by the same dedicated team of hardworking travelers as Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador Hop. Off the back of these successes, Colombia hop has been introduced as the newest, safest, and most traveler friendly way of getting around Colombia by bus. 

colombia hop

By allowing travelers to create their own journey in a safe and reliable environment, Colombia Hop gives you the freedom and the stability that you are looking for while traveling in South America. Expect the same level of comfort and service as in the Peru Hop buses, with USB ports in the seats for charging your electronics, to onboard guides who share everything they know about the places you pass and the areas you stop at… Even the best places to eat, and the best places to stay.

By taking advantage of the accommodation discounts (exclusive only to pass holders), free stops, tours, even the onboard guide- a completely unique feature to Colombia hop- there is no other option that comes close to the bar that we have set. You will find yourself meeting like-minded travelers on the buses, so even off the bus you will stay safe with your Hop family.

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Since the company was started by travelers, you can also rest assured knowing that they work with travelers’ best interests at heart. From door to door pick up and drop-offs (saving you time and money on questionable taxis to and from bus stations in the cities you visit- more often than not in less than desirable areas.) to bilingual guides who help to ensure that you are comfortable in your accommodation, offering you recommendations about where to eat, what to do, and even just a local to show you the ropes.

If this wasn’t enough, then Colombia Hop has ties with some of the best hotels and hostels in the area for service and price. They offer exclusive discounts and offers that cannot be found on other booking sites.

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You can also be sure to make friends for life on these buses, the very nature of it means that you can integrate with other travelers seamlessly. With everyone from solo female travelers, to families, to older couples, everyone on these buses has something in common. The adventurous spirit means that you have a friend whoever you sit by.

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