Mirador Killi Killi

Located atop a steep hill in the neighborhood of Villa Pabon sits one of La Paz’s most impressive viewpoints, Mirador Killi Killi.

The mirador, named after a small bird of prey that flourished in the area, provides sweeping views over the sprawling city, with a viewing range of almost 360 degrees. From the lookout, visitors can see La Paz’s most prominent buildings with Illimani mountain providing a striking backdrop to the city.

view of la paz bolivia

Not only a base from which to admire the city, Mirador Killi Killi also served as a headquarters and surveillance point for indigenous leader Tupác Katari, who laid siege to La Paz in 1781.

Mirador Killi Killi can be reached by foot, however due to the city’s altitude and the hill’s steep ascent, it’s recommend to take public transport to reach the viewpoint. Taxi and buses are cheap and will drop you right at the stairs leading to the lookout.

For those still wanting to do the walk, from Avenida Sucre, take Avenida La Bandera, then head uphill. Here you will find a flight of stairs leading to stunning panoramic views of La Paz.

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The mirador also features a playground and manicured gardens. Entrance is free of charge.

Place: Mirador Killi Killi
Address: Av. La Bandera, La Paz, Bolivia

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