La Costilla de Adan

La Costilla de Adam la paz bolivia

An alternative addition to La Paz’s bar scene is the unique and fascinating La Costilla de Adan.

This two story bar-museum is a place of creative inspiration, housing over 19,000 antique pieces from the departments of Potosi, Oruro and Cochabamba as well as from La Paz’s local flea markets. The owner, Roberto Cazorla Guzman, has crammed his bar with thousands of unique artifacts including lamps, dolls, radios, books, and posters of old films which line the walls, stairs and ceilings of the building.

There are a number of drink options to choose from, however the stand-out drink is the “Leche de Negro” made with quince liqueur, brandy liqueur and coca. Also available are specialty pies, baked apples with port wine and tiramisu.

La Costilla de Adan has become one of the most popular bars in La Paz, providing the perfect alternative for artists, bohemians and travelers to enjoy a drink whilst being inspired by the great art that surrounds them.

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